Junior Band Music

Flexible music for junior wind, brass and string ensembles

Most of the arrangements can work as standalone wind pieces, or brass pieces, or combined into a full band.

It's all available as PDF downloads, and Sibelius files are also included for further adaptations to suit your groups.


World Tour


Pack your bags and join us on tour, as we play ten tunes from all four corners of the world. Standalone brass, wind and string sections, or combine them for a full band arrangement.

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Featured products

All music is provided as PDF files. Download, print and play! Unless otherwise specified, parts are included for all the mainstream brass, woodwind and string instruments, plus tuned and untuned percussion.

Stepping Stones


Helping your beginner band to grow during the first months of playing. 25 pieces with 5 to 9 notes.

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The Great Composers


Meet the great composers and play their finest tunes, with these ten pieces for band and narrator.

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Marching On...


A selection of the best-known marches from America, Britain and Europe, arranged for junior band.

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Pack your bags and join us on tour, as we play ten tunes from all four corners of the world.

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Music for Beginners

Music for the early years of learning

Our music collections start with the very simplest of arrangements, with five notes and rudimentary rhythms in all instrumental parts (see Stepping Stones), and progresses through the first years of playing through to approximately ABRSM grade 3-4 standard.

We're passionate about making music that works for YOU, so all our music is hugely flexible, allowing you to mix and match between wind parts, brass parts - and string parts too with some pieces!

We understand that the playing capabilities within an ensemble will vary enormously, so with the more advanced music we provide 'learner parts' for your less experienced players.